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 My new found information felt like I had found the golden ticket in a Willy Wonka bar.  It was refreshing.  I still didn’t claim to understand, but I recognized that hope and faith were two things that helped a person cope… it gave them  a window to look out, a room with a view.  I believed in God, but my idea of Him had seemed like He was way too busy to see or hear the things going on in my small life.  Maybe I was wrong.  


What came next, was a whole new world of unexpected.  I saw her world come crashing down that day…like the meteor shower that was meant for our high school.  E.T’s father had killed himself.  Right there in their own home, on the same couch they watched tv on. I watched from across the street through my bedroom window, feeling so helpless.  My best friend’s dad just killed himself, and I wasn’t there…to save her…to protect her…maybe she wouldn’t want me there…maybe if I had have been there instead of watching old House re-runs, it might not have happened.  Why?  How could this happen to such a great person, such a great family?  He always seemed so happy…and E.T. was the best person I knew…she had purpose.  She didn’t deserve this.  I wanted so badly to be there with her…to somehow be the light in her dark corner for once…to help her say goodbye.


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