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Her Fathers Song

After that, E.T. seemed like a different person.  Understandably so, after going through such a life tragedy, but something else was missing.  Could it be, that the very person who sparked my interest in finding my purpose had lost theirs?  That the faith and hope E.T. had told me about had abandoned her in her time of need?  

If that was the case, if these things were nothing more than just a nice jacket people wear to cover the filthy rages beneath, than I wanted nothing to do with them.  I was happy before in my old jeans and t-shirt and wasn’t going to fall into this trap for the naive.  

For a minute I was embarrassed I had even embraced it, but then…I felt this strange warm feeling come over me, like a heated blanket my mother would put over me when i was sick…not a glowing white robe pointing the way..but a warm, simple peace- letting me know I was O.K.

Just like that my doubts and fears and the walls I had built up to protect myself were gone.  Like the battles I had learned about in history, except it was as though my battle had been fought for me…and we won.


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