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In days to follow, I became friends with E.T., she was like no one I had ever met…filled with awe of the worlds many secrets, and yet still grounded, and relatable. She asked questions, but also had the strength to listen to the answers, and always seemed to know when to say the right things. She had a purpose. I wasn’t quite sure what it was, but I would find it…because I was drawn to it.
Her purpose seemed to glow around her, like she was plugged in..it was contagious. It made me question my motives…or did I even know what that meant? Did I even have a purpose? Or was I sent here just to blend in? Time would tell.
E.T. encouraged me to say something, to have a voice, to live my life for a reason. Until now, the only reasoning my days had seen was to play my guitar for hours on end, until I felt like my uncertainty was gone. I helped me to see myself…it helped me to keep my mind off of my parents, and their inability to see eye to eye. Maybe if I wrote the right song, they would see it…whatever it was they were both looking for…but not finding.
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I seem to have won the battle, at least for now, and what comes next, I could have never prepared for…She was extra-terrestrial, there was no question! I’m not sure I knew- until that point- that someone could make such a lasting impression in such a split second.
I was STUNNED, stuck in the tractor beam of a flying saucer…speechless.

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